Puppy Snuggles…Coming Up!!!

Tomorrow I get to drive the almost 2 hours to go see Wyatt with his temporary family (my extended family). This will be the first time I have seen him since he moved there. It has now been almost a month. I was going to go a lot sooner but some other stuff came up, and I wasn’t able too. I am so excited to finally be able to see him again. It sounds like he is doing well. Last I heard, he is getting along with the other dogs better and seems to be doing OK with the humans too. This is such a relief to me as I wasn’t sure how he would do. He gets overprotective of me with other dogs and people around, and I wasn’t sure how he would get along. I think out of his element and without me there, he has done well. It does make me a little nervous though, that he might get over protective once I’m back in the picture. If he does though, I’m going to put a stop to it. He needs to learn that even though I am his human, that is not OK.

Growing up, we always had dogs but they were mostly well behaved. We had one dog that would go to the neighbors and steal stuff. I remember one day he came home with a deer leg. This was a terrier, a smaller dog. He ended up getting shot by someone at some point too. Thankfully it was only a BB gun. The other dog we had issues with, chased motorized vehicles. We were never able to break him of the habit and he ended up getting hit. Other then that though, we didn’t have a lot of problems with dogs. So when I got Wyatt, I didn’t really know how to handle it. He had been a stray before he went to the shelter. I’m not sure how long he was in their care, but he was only a year when I got him. I don’t think he was a stray too long but I don’t know any of his history. When my ex and I got him, we were going to take him to training but never did. Then once I left her, I had always planned on taking him to training, but my job at the time was part time and I was barely making rent. Then I got the new job and figured once I had gotten things caught up again, I would take him. That job only lasted 6 months though, and that’s where I’m at now. I think that the people he is with now, know how to put a stop to any nonsense. I think Wyatt will have a better idea of the fact that he can’t dominate over them. When I get him back, I just need to be firm and consistent with things. Then I need to also socialize him more. I was always so afraid of what would happen, because of how he reacted, that I didn’t do that much and should have. I feel like I cheated him. I am hoping things can be turned around when I get him back. I know 99% of that is on me.

Anyway, I SO can’t wait to see him tomorrow. I know he’s going to go crazy when he sees me. And I can’t wait for him to snuggle next to me when I go to bed tomorrow night. I LOVE his puppy snuggles, so much!

Love & Peace


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