Quiet House…

Last night I met Wyatt’s temporary family at the park. As soon as I started putting his stuff in the car, I could tell he knew something was going on. He started panting a lot. We took one last walk before heading out to the park. We decided to meet at a park so Wyatt wouldn’t be on his own turf. They were coming down this way for the day so decided to pick Wyatt up on the way back home. My pastor pointed out that this would be good because then they would be taking him, instead of me leaving him at his new home. It would be a little less like I was abandoning him. I also was thinking about it while I was waiting for them to show up, and realized this is also good because he won’t have any associations with me and the new home.

J and L live about 2 1/2 hrs from where I will be living. I was really nervous about how he would react to them and their dogs. He barked at J&L more then the dogs. J took the leash from me and started talking to him and trying to pet him. I realized that with me in the picture it was making things difficult, so I stepped back behind a rock and hid out of view. Wyatt started to settle down a little bit. By the end of the meet and greet though, Wyatt had bit J at least twice, maybe three times. I apologized for him getting bit, and he said, “that’s OK, he’s just scared.” I now believe Wyatt is in a good place. I know they will take care of him and do their best to make him feel comfortable. This might also help his socialization skills once he gets settled. It will help him as far as being around a couple other dogs for awhile, and people too.

As I was typing this, I wonder if God feels about me, as I feel about Wyatt. I love Wyatt so much and I want whats best for him. Obviously in Wyatt’s situation, he has to go away for a little bit because of my situation. But in relating it to God, I feel like I love Wyatt and want whats best. I can explain that to him but he doesn’t understand that things will be OK, even though I know that in the future he will come live with me again. He might feel a little (or a lot) like I’ve abandoned him. I wish I could explain it to him and he would understand, but he doesn’t. I think about him all the time and wonder how he’s getting along. Obviously its not exactly like that with God, because He CAN see how I’m getting along, but maybe on some level its like that. I would like to think that HE loves me SO much more then I love Wyatt. I wonder if God wishes I could understand what He is doing in my life, as He knows what is best, but I don’t always see that. Anyways these are just some thoughts that I’m trying to get out. I feel like I’m kind of going in circles trying to explain it, so will stop now. I think I need to think about it for awhile.

Love & Peace


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