So today, my Aunt K called to see if I would be interested in meeting up next week. We are trying to get together at least once a month. We used to hang out all the time, but then I worked for the company where I was oncall 24/7 and it was just hard to get together. So starting last month, we are trying to spend more time together. So we talked a bit about what we could do next week. She then made the comment that they would be coming back from the beach house on Monday. I used this as an opportunity; and told her I felt hurt that I wasn’t invited. I explained that right now with everything going on, its nice to feel like I’m wanted. She said that she was trying NOT to hurt my feelings, by inviting me when she knew I probably wouldn’t be able to come. And she said she was sorry.

This is big progress. I am learning how to let people know how I feel, in a healthy way. In the past, I wouldn’t have said anything, most likely. I would have just stewed about it for awhile, and then would probably have waited awhile, before hanging out again. Or I’ve sent emails in the past, that maybe sounded offensive. I’ve not done that as much, but there were a few. So I’m getting there. I’m slowly learning how to stand up for myself, in the right way.

Love & Peace,Devin


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