Cry Out For Young People…

So I am literally sitting here and crying for the young people of this time. Last night, I was avoiding going to bed. I was messing around on YouTube and happened onto a Lady Gaga video. Its graphic and could be a trigger, so be careful if you watch it. One girl commented to the video that it was a trigger for her. So, I made a comment on Facebook about it, which follows….

I am really concerned for the young people, especially women of this age. Last night while I was avoiding going to bed, I was on YouTube. I happened upon a Lady Gaga video…Swine SXSW Festival Doritos. Basically Lady Gaga did a performance where another woman drank some neon green liquid, then while Lady Gaga was singing, the woman stuck her fingers down her throat and vomited on Lady Gaga. People actually accept this and applaud it. I don’t understand how people think this is OK. I also don’t understand that concept of being that type of role model. I seriously want to cry for what society is doing to the young people. I wish there was a way to fight for the girls of this time, and get them away from this crap… 

I want to fight for the young people of today but wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t have any type of background in that type of thing. A lot of times I’ll get ideas of things to fight for but don’t know where to begin, so don’t. I will feel passionate about something at first and then it goes a way. I sent a message to a popular radio person and asked her what she thought. She said that you love people, one person at a time. That you take some kids/teens to a good movie and then talk about it afterwards. Or cheer them on at school events. And you LISTEN to them when they talk. Since I don’t have kids, I’m not connected to the school system, so how do I start? Maybe its something similar to Big Brothers, Big Sisters type of thing. I don’t know. I guess I need to consider this more and try to figure it out.

Any thoughts are appreciated…

Love & Peace


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