Climbing Back Up…

Today I am in a little better place. For the last few days, I’ve been going through the day barely making it. I would basically wake up sad and about to cry all day. I would cry off and on throughout the day and then cry myself to sleep at night. Then I would wake up in the morning feeling really sad and sometimes crying. Yesterday, I went to my friend D’s house. Being in her company, I totally relaxed. I let my guard down and got my mind refocusing. I ate supper there and by the time I went home, I was totally exhausted. I had been emotionally drained. This has happened a couple other times and I tease her that she drugs my food when I’m there. Really, its because I feel comfortable enough to totally relax in her presence. I got home and took Wyatt out. Then I started a movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Wyatt though decided he wanted to go back outside, sooner then usual. So I took him out and then decided I was to tired to watch a movie. I got on Facebook briefly, then went to bed. Before allowing myself to go to sleep, I read some more in my Bible and the book I’m reading, “Let Hope In,” by Pete Wilson. Then I prayed. I’m trying to get back into this, since I was doing really well, right after being fired. Then I slacked off and am trying to get back into it. I laid down to go to sleep a little after 1030pm. Wyatt got me up at like 1am or so, to go out. I took him out and then went right back to sleep. Sometimes when he gets up in the night, it takes awhile to get back to sleep, but not last night. So today I woke up feeling a little tired still; my emotional well being is a lot better though. I still feel a little sadness because Wyatt will be going away on Saturday, but I’m not a bowl full of tears, like I was. So I’m not sure if its that I was at my friend’s, or read the Bible and prayed; but I’m pretty sure that it was both.

I feel like maybe I’m starting to climb back out of this pit…

Love & Peace,


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