Two Weeks…

So I put my notice in at my apartment complex, that I will be out on the 24th of March. I will definitely be moving in with my Aunt C and Uncle G. My dog Wyatt will be going to The Dalles to live with family there. I am praying that he will do well. They have two dogs and a cat. I think once he gets past the regular introductions, he will be OK. My ex and I had a cat before we got him and it took awhile but by the end they were playing and sleeping together. It can be done! I am also still trying to confirm where I will be storing my stuff. I originally thought a storage unit but the unemployment is still going through its process, so at this point, any money is going to bills or necessities. I was able to get on food stamps, so that helps.

I think crunch time is starting to hit me. I can’t believe that I have to move in two weeks. I hate the fact that I have to move in with family right now. I’m 30, and feel like things should be starting to come together for me not falling apart. I don’t know how I’m going to be separated from Wyatt for any length of time. I’m trying to figure out what God wants from me. I was doing really well, when everything first happened, with reading the Bible and praying. Now I’ve kind of slacked off from that. maybe that’s the real reason why I’m stressing more. Maybe reality is finally hitting. I can’t avoid the move and everything much longer. I need to start packing things. I don’t know where to start. I just want this chapter to be over and a new one to start. One that includes a new job and a place of my own again.

Besides the stress though, I will say I am thankful. I am so grateful that I do have a place to go. I am thankful that family can take Wyatt so I don’t have to take him to a shelter. I am thankful that this is only temporary and soon things will hopefully be moving along in a positive way again. I’m sure this is a start in that way, I just don’t see it that way, right now. I am also thankful that the temptation to hurt myself isn’t there this time, where in the past, it would have been.

Now its time for a nap,

Love & Peace


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