God Takes Care of Me…

So even though I was having some rough patches last week, some really good things happened. So on like Monday or Tuesday, I was offered a permanent position at my job. It was a full time position and would have Tuesday, Wednesday off. I was really wanting Sundays off, so I could go to church. I really wanted a full time position because then I could get benefits, but church is my only social life right now and I really didn’t want to give it up. I went back and forth about it all day. My boss wanted an answer at the end of my shift. So after mulling it over in my head, I decided to pass by this full time shift and stay oncall for awhile.

Then on Thursday, I was offered a second position. In this position, I would have Sunday, Monday off. I had no idea this job position would be coming available. I just knew I wanted Sundays off. The shift wasn’t the issue, I just needed to be able to go to church. I was so thankful that I had put my faith in God, knowing that He would provide the shift I needed. I had no clue it would be so soon. I was thankful I hadn’t impulsively grabbed the first shift I was offered. Sometimes it really pays to wait.

Love & Peace


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