Creating New Habits…

Over the last few months, I have been slowly adding new habits to my day. I started by making my bed every day. There are some times where I miss but I mostly follow thru. Then I also started working on a budget. Still working on the full follow thru on that one but its coming. My main problem here is wrapping my brain around the mathematical part. Math was never my strong point so I have a hard time with that. I’ve also started trying to rinse my dishes off and put them in the dishwasher after each use. Then actually emptying the dishwasher when dishes are done. This also is happening more times then not. Now today I have added trying to drink more water to my daily routine. Its hard when we are busy at work because there isn’t always time to stop and drink water, and my job doesn’t allow me to carry it with me; because of what I do. I brought a water bottle in and have it in the break room. A friend guessed its about 16 ounces. I filled it and drank it twice today. Now I’m going to try and keep that one. I figure if I just add good habits here and there it will be easier then changing my whole life at once. Maybe by adding small habits here and there, I can finally get my life straightened out a little bit more.

Love & Peace



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