End to a Perfect Night

The last patient I transported tonight is why I like my job. It was an older gentleman. His wife was with him. She was a little on edge because he was in the hospital. I took them up to his room and got him over to the bed. He wanted some warm blankets so I went and got him three. I got him all tucked in. His wife had bought him a sandwich and fed him, so he wouldn’t have to be uncovered while he ate. She was staying the night; so I went and brought her a warm blanket too. The best part of the whole interaction with this patient and his wife was that at the end, their daughter arrived. When she walked into the room, she walked up to her mother, looked into her eyes with this great amount of love, and gave her a hug. Because of the operation, she was unable to give her father a hug, but she also looked into his eyes with a large amount of love. I’ve seen loving families at the hospital a lot but I’ve never seen this much love in a daughter’s eyes for her parents. It just radiated off her and was amazing!

Its a good reminder to me, that there are families who still have this strong love for each other. In times of need they will be there to support each other. It gives me faith in humanity.

Love & Peace



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