Worst Possible Dream…

So this morning I had the worst possible dream ever. I dreamt, I had gone to visit the people working at the doggy daycare, I used to work at. I took Wyatt along with me. This is weird for starters, because he is not the friendliest dog. He is a chihuahua mix and definitely has their personality type. For some reason in my dream though he was fine. Which is also weird. So I went around and said hi to all the people I still knew there. During this time, Wyatt wasn’t with me. After visiting for a couple of hours, it was time to head out, so I went looking for Wyatt. I couldn’t find him anywhere. We were all looking but couldn’t find him. Then the one Dog Attendant N., was on the phone. When she got off the phone, she said that the vet thought a big Saint Bernard, Chancellor had eaten him. The leash was with the dog and they were going to take him in for an XRAY to find out. I of course started crying, and then woke up. I didn’t hear what the verdict was. When I woke up, I had a very heavy heart. I talked Wyatt into coming under the blankets for some cuddles before we got up, which helped a lot.

I’ve heard that your subconscious can come out in dreams. I do know that I have a fear of something happening to Wyatt. I don’t know what I would do without him. We are each others world, though I do have a world outside of the house and he doesn’t. I live to come back home to see him. He is also what keeps me sane. He keeps me on track, as I know I have to keep a job to keep a roof over our heads, and so forth. Not saying that I would plan on leaving my job now, but when I worked my old crappy job, I had to stick with it until I found another. I couldn’t just quit, like I’ve done at past jobs.

Now I’m feeling a little better, and it’s time to go and get ready for work.

Love & Peace



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