God’s Power…

So over the last couple of days I have had extremely, bad lower back pain. It started out where it just felt stiff, but each day seemed to be worse. Then it got to the point where my knee was hurting and sometimes up my back. Then I also was has having some abdominal discomfort that was there occasionally. I took Ibeprofun once and Aleve once; they didn’t do anything. I soaked in the tub to try and relieve the pain but nothing seemed to work. Then last night when I went to bed, it didn’t matter what position I lay in, my back just hurt. I finally got up and went to take more Aleve. A friend had given me some earlier and I didn’t feel any difference in my back, though the knee pain went away. So after I took the Aleve at bedtime, I went back to bed and started praying. I cried out to God about my pain and how I don’t have the money to go to the doctor. I asked Him to heal me and make the pain go away. While I was crying, Wyatt came up next to me and started kissing me. He does that when I cry. He then snuggled in right next to me and I was able to finally go to sleep. This morning I woke up and the pain was gone. Right when I got up this morning, I did a few stretches, hoping that would help keep it away. I am still feeling a little stiff but I feel that way in the mornings anyway when I first get up. Since my job is a bit strenuous, I will take some more Aleve before going to work, though I believe that it was God’s power more then the Aleve, that has taken my pain away.

Thank you God, for hearing my prayer!

Love & Peace



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