About This Blog…

My first entry here are wordpress. I have a blog at blogger but decided to start a new blog where I can be open and honest. A blog that is not associated with me, so anyone can read it but not know who I am specifically. At this point I don’t want everyone knowing these things about me personally at this point in my life. At some point I will hopefully be able to be open about all of these thoughts and feelings, but right now I just want to get them out there. I am hoping that maybe my story can help somone else with what they are going through. That is why I have decided to hopefully start getting it out there. I am also hoping that maybe I can stay on top of this blog better then I did with my other one. When I went on their the other day, it had been a year and 8 months since I was last on there. Here I would like to keep up with it better. 

Wish me Luck,

Love & Peace






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